Xander Frangos

Programmer, Designer, Creative

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If a device has a screen on it, I probably want to make something for it. My programming philosopy is to use the right tool for the right job, but also as few tools as possible. An overuse of libraries and plugins is asking for trouble.

I am happily employed at Green Group Studio. If you'd like to contact me for freelance work, please reach out to them instead.

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Apps, games, and apps for games!


Electron App Node.js JavaScript Design Personal Project

Optimization is important to me, but my workflow for optimizing images was not... optimal. It involved jumping between programs to resize/optimize multiple files. So I made Crushee to take care of that for me.

Twinkle Tray

Electron App Node.js JavaScript Design Personal Project

As someone who uses multiple monitors at 2AM, being able to easily adjust their brightness is important to me. There are a few options for doing so in Windows, but they lack features and are... ugly. Twinkle Tray was created to be both pretty and functional.

Den Game Launcher

Electron App React Design Personal Project

I wasn't happy with the Steam's Big Picture interface, so I decided to make my own. It's heavily a work-in-progress, but I'm happy with the progress so far. Even if I never finish it, it's been an excellent excercise in building an interface for gamepads.

MyVendorCenter Mobile App

Mobile App React Native Design

The companion app for MyVendorCenter, available for both iOS and Android. This app allows managers to review, add, and edit this vendor lists on the go.

Rei Adventure

Game HTML5 JavaScript Personal Project

As any nerdy boyfriend would do, I made my girlfriend a game for her birthday. She loved it. 😊
The JavaScript-based game engine was written from scratch, with minor use of jQuery. Warning, inside jokes.


Desktop App C# Personal Project

Built for the game Borderlands, this save editor lets you modify your save data from Xbox, PS3, and PC. Edit character stats, progress, weapons, and more. WillowTree# has been downloaded by users over 1 million times.


A few highlights from over the years.


Proprietary System PHP JavaScript Design

I was given the opportunity to overhaul the public-facing pages of I've also made minor edits/fixes to the back-end, along with managing their GitHub repository. For reference, here's the old home page.

Nostalgic America

Drupal 7 PHP JavaScript Design

Every day offers a whole new look at history. Leveraging Drupal 7 to manage the content, I coded a custom layout and caching system. Despite housing thousands of pieces of unique content, those custom coded systems make the site load instantly.

Sam Simon Presents

Static Website JavaScript Design

A showman deserves a showman's website. This fun, animated site was made to delightfully inform and sell visitors on Sam Simon's services.


WordPress JavaScript Design Personal Project

Everyone always asks me: "Xander, what do you want for Christmas". Since "I don't know" isn't an acceptable answer, and I'm not a fan of WunderList, I made my own wishlist website. (The old version of this site is pretty fun too!) New accounts are invite only, sorry.

Waste Advantage Magazine

WordPress PHP JavaScript Design

Looking to pass up their competition, Waste Advantage Magazine wanted a redesign of their website. In addition to redesigning the website (old website design), a new ad management system was implemented, and the entire back-end of their MarketPlace was rewritten with streamlined functionality.


Things that don't involve programming.

FCB Refer-A-Friend Video

Video Editing Motion Graphics After Effects

Created for Florida Community Bank's Refer-A-Friend program, this video was a team effort. Other's provided the graphical assets, while I assembled, edited, and animated the video itself.

MyVendorCenter Manager Video

Video Editing Motion Graphics After Effects

MyVendorCenter needed a video to educate managers on why vendor compliance is critical. For this video, I handled most of the design, and all of the editing/animation.